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Winding up of company

A private limited company necessitates to be closed, or windup, meanwhile there are no changes or the Directors of the company, is not willing to continue its services. Any private limited company usually can be shut by both ‘voluntary’ and ‘compulsory elements’. Winding up of a company is a pursuit which involves bargaining all the assets, paying off the bankers and administering the remaining assets to the shareholders of the company. It is always challenging to start a business/ company.

Documents required while filing appeal

  • Ultimately ITR and Returns Filed with ROC

  • Winding up petition: Form Comp 1

  • Declaration of truth: Form Comp 2

  • Certification of service: Form Comp 3

  • Announcement of winding up petition

  • A list of people auditing the hearing: Form Comp 4

  • Preparation of Preliminary Report by IP

  • Submission of Proof of Claim in Form B, in Form C, Form D, Form E, Form F, by post or by Electronic means.

  • PAN Card of the corporation

  • Declaration of the termination of the company’s bank account with NIL contracts.

  • An indemnity bond, which should be notarized by the directors

  • Latest statement of company accounts.

  • Statement of reports related to all assets and liabilities of the company, audited by Chartered Accountant (CA)

  • Application for extracting the name of the company.

  • Indemnity Bond from all the Directors