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12AA registration is done with the aim to receive exemption from Income Tax. All income of the organization cannot be taxed once this registration is done. Form 10A is used to fill the application form for 12AA registration. Commissioner of Income tax department who holds the jurisdiction over the institution is responsible to process your application of registration under section 12AA. Exemption on Income Tax is available for all NGOs but only those who are aware of it and can take benefit out of it. Hence, in order to entertain the benefit of exemption limit it is necessary for all NGOs, Trusts, and other Not-for-Profit organizations to be aware of Section 12AA of Income Tax Act.

Documents Required for 12AA Registration

  • 12AA registration applicant needs to submit the following documents along with Form 10A:

  • Instrument’s self-certified copy which was used in the process of creating trust or establishing the institution shall be submitted.

  • The foundation or trust may have been made in any case than by method for drafting and registering an instrument. In such cases, a self-attested copy of the document confirming the creation of the trust, or foundation of the institution ought to be submitted to the Income Tax Department.

  • Provide a self-attested copy of the registration, which was made with the pertinent body. The relevant body might be the Registrar of Companies, the Registrar of Firms and Societies or Registrar of Public Trusts.

  • A self-certified copy of the document which serves as an evidence at the time of adoption or during alteration of the objective of the entity shall be submitted.

  • Financial report of the trust/institution for maximum three preceding financial years.

  • Note on activities which entity perform

  • There are a few cases which may force the Income Tax Department to cancel the registration issued under this section. Though once the assessee has resolved the issue he can file for the subsequent application. In such a scenario it is essential for the applicant to submit a self-certified copy of the existing order issuing registration.

  • In case the assessee application has been dismissed, he needs to attach a self-certified copy of the order of rejection with the application.