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Sole Proprietorship into Private Company

As a company grows, the requests of business and the downsides of a control firm could necessitate a business person to begin the method for converting Sole Proprietorship into a private limited company. A private limited company offers significant advantages over the sole proprietorship type of business, including that of limited liability, the potential to draw equity capital, a constant presence, and so on.

Documents Required 

  • The Articles of Association

  • Memorandum of Association

  • Declaration by the subscribers and by the directors.

  • A confirmation for the address of the office

  • Two Months Utility Bills copy

  • Certificate of incorporation of the Outer Country body corporate

  • A resolution passed by the global Company

  • A recommendation declared by the promotional Company

  • The interest of the directors in from other entities

  • Nominee’s assent

  • Identity proof and residential address of the subscribers and the nominees

  • Identity proof and residential address of Applicant 1,2 and 3

  • The Declaration/Resolution of the unregistered companies

  • Declaration in Form ‘INC-14’ and Form ‘INC-15’