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MCA has introduced a new form to simplify the process of registration. The form is called SPICe+ form and it consists of 2 parts, which are Part A (Name Reservation process) and Part B (includes all the incorporation application).

Following is the List of Documents required:

1. Memorandum of Association (MOA).

2.   Articles of Association (AOA).

3.   Declaration by the first subscribers and directors (Affidavit not required)

4.   Proof of office address.

5.   Copy of utility bills (May vary).

6.   Copy of COI (certificate of Incorporation) of foreign body corporate (if any).

7.   Passed Resolution by Promoter Company.

8.   The consent of directors.

9.   Consent of Nominee in Form INC-3.

  • Residential address & Proof of identity of subscribers.

  • Residential address & Proof of identity of the nominee.

  •  Residential address & Proof of identity of applicant I, II, III